Teaching English in an amazing new way

Creating an immersive, engaging and personalized experience for students of all ages


What if you could simply watch great TV 
and come away speaking like a local?

We’re devising a teaching methodology that is culturally relevant, entertaining, contextual — and personalized to a student’s interests and learning trajectory.

Premium Content

High quality video content from top studios makes our proprietary learning system super entertaining.

Cutting-edge Research

The latest innovations in pedagogy, neuroscience, NLP and machine learning inform our work.

Personalized Learning

Individual learners receive adaptive content and curricula matched to their exact needs at any given time.

Culturally Relevant Curricula

Traditional learning techniques are as boring as they are ineffective. We aim to accelerate retention, facilitating conversational fluency with engaging content.

Personalized, Adaptive Experiences

 We strive to build a learning system that acts not just as your personal tutor, but more like a native-speaking friend — generating contextual, personalized, adaptive curricula.

“We go beyond just teaching vocabulary and pronunciation to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the content itself.”
Ferris Hua, Senior Product Manager
"The potential of video-based contextual learning cannot be overestimated. Our beta testers have been floored."
Shine Li, Product Manager

Machine learning from human learners

There are 1.6 billion active English learners globally, with at least as many learning styles. Our system is designed to identify clusters of learning patterns and extrapolate contexual curricula which can be applied in real time.